Environment Day 2019 – Keep Clean, Go Green!

Being a travel enthusiast I get a chance to visit many places. So on this World Environment Day, I want to talk about our Environment. Every kind of suggestions are welcome. First, A brief about this important day:
World environment day was established by the UN General Assembly on 5th of June 1972 and it was first celebrated in 1974 since then we celebrate this on the 5th of June every year. This year – 2019 China is hosting the world environment day as a global host with the theme “Air pollution”
India was the global host of World environment day 2018. Theme “Beat plastic pollution”.
This year Environment ministry of India released a video campaign on world environment day Title “Hawa Aane De” theme #BeatAirPollution
Starring Akshay Kumar in lead role among other celebrities. The objective of celebrating this day is to make all the people around the globe aware of the environment issues, causes and it’s solution to make this world a better place to live for us for the next generation.

The Question is are we really doing something to make it better? Every year we make a promise to ourselves, to the society that we will make this world a better place by keeping our environment green and clean. But the point is are we doing this or even care except for the sake of that one day we call environment day. This is what we are going to offer to the future, to our next generation. Of course not you will be thinking but our action is completely different what we speak or decide to make this planet our environment better. We should start doing this and most important to make it a habit then only we can make a difference in the right direction and nowadays we can’t even live without A.C actually the number Of A.C. sell is increasing rapidly and the very same way so many other products that cause this issue. The gas that emits from A.C. is harmful for the environment. We all know that we have been reading, listening and watching this from a long time so now let’s focus on the solution. Many people are trying… they are taking small steps towards this in different ways, that’s the thing that really matters.
We all can contribute in some or other ways on this World Environment Day:-

We should stop using products made out of the animal’s skin. They are part of our environment.
We can avoid the use of plastic bags as much as possible we can take our Cloth or Jute bag to bring groceries from the store. Plastic is really hard to decompose so better avoid using it.
A lot of people prefer metro nowadays and they actually purposely choose this. Firstly it is cheaper, comfortable, safe and less harmful for the environment than patrol diesel vehicles. Metro is almost making its way to metro cities.
Few prefer to walk a little bit to cover Small distances and save wastage of petrol, diesel.
Always put the garbage in particular biodegradable and non-biodegradable dustbin boxes.

If you have realized in the past few years temperature is kept on increasing. Result enormous amount of heat, skin allergies and a hell of a rise in disease caused by extreme environmental heat.

As I mentioned this year’s theme is Air Pollution because air pollution is on raise it affects the environment in a very bad manner. This cause global warming, climate change. These two are enough to make you understand why we need to protect our environment most now. It is high time to take this seriously otherwise the temperature will keep rising and climate change will destroy everything soon.

I am ending this with a request please raise awareness regarding the environment day with your friends, families and encourage people as much as possible to take positive steps to make our environment safe and better.

Better environment, better tomorrow!

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