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Your Guide to Travel Germany With Some Interesting Facts

Germany is a country in Europe. It is the largest and most populous country in the European Union.
Germany has the strongest economy in Europe.
There are around 150 + Castles in Germany. Germany is famous for beers, sausages, tourism and
Oktoberfest- most popular fun-loving fest.
Germany is the world’s 4th most beer-loving country and the Czech Republic is at the top of the list.
Germany consumes 104.7 liters of beer per capita.
Berlin is the capital of Germany.
The tradition of the Christmas tree started from Germany.
You will find this country more interesting and beautiful of you are a beer lover. Germany has more than 1300 breweries of beer and Oktoberfest is the place to be in Germany. Many tourists from all over the world travel to Germany to be part of this great beer festival and despite of its name, it starts in September.
Here you will find girls serving strong beer in a one-liter mug
The world’s tallest church Ulm Minster with height 161.53 m is in Ulm, Germany
Germany is the first country that adopted daylight saving back in 1916.
German is the official language of more than 5 European countries: Germany, Austria, Luxembourg Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.
if you are planning to learn Germany now you got more reasons.

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