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Shali Tibba Trek – Highest Peak in the Vicinity of Shimla

Shali Tibba is one of the best, beautiful and adventurous trekking destinations in Shimla. Most of the people do not know about this, except locals but once you come here and do the trekking you will realize yourself the aura & beauty of this place. You can reach Shali Tibba by any private vehicle because that is the best option for this trek. It is hardly 30 minutes drive from the main city Shimla to Mashobra– (a town in shima district) and then Mashobra to trek point by walk. Trek is full of wild adventure. You will meet monkeys, langurs, bulls and a few other animals but they are not dangerous. The jungle is dense after half of the trek so, make sure you start trekking early so that you could finish before it gets dark. The trek is almost 6 km. From the starting point, you will feel the beauty of this place far away from that daily traffic routine. Shali tibba trek comes in the list of best one day trek in Shimla with the trek difficulty level of easy to moderate. 

Here you will find Fresh air, clean sky, green world and believe me, you will be living that moment joyfully in the mountains. Your heart will feel the positive vibes of this place. While trekking keeps your camera ready to capture those natural scenes, beauty and landscapes that you will miss sitting in the office remembering this wonderful trek in your thoughts and the best view comes when you reach the top of the hill – the temple. View from here is completely amazing that I can’t explain in words. you are almost in clouds at the top of this trek. shali tibba trek has an altitude of 2873 meters.

Reasons to trek shali tibba:-

  1. One of its kind shali tibba trek is the only trek in Shimla with a 360-degree view. 
  2. An ideal choice for the first-timer & one-day weekend trip

The best time for trekking in shali tibba is April to November except rainy days. 

The only word that comes out at that point is Wow what a view… it’s so beautiful. You can see the whole city from the top and the city looks like matchboxes placed in a row. If you are lucky enough, your happiness will be on cloud Nine. One important thing for trekking, keep all the essentials for trekking and enough food Because you won’t get anything to eat or drink here not even cold drink or Maggi to eat on this trekking trip. So I recommend you to carry all things water bottles, food, soft drinks, gadgets and other things and do not litter. Keep our motherland clean. 

All the very best 🙂

from the top of shali tibba trek
top view of shali tibba trek

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