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Best Places to Visit (with Images) In Moscow, Russia 2019

In this travel blog, we are going to explore this city – Moscow, Russia and see what it’s all about. Let’s start…

Red Square

This one is a must visit place when you are in Moscow and if you are visiting this place in winter time then Moscow decoration will definitely make it extra beautiful for you. This area of Moscow has so much history going way back into the 1500s in the 1600s with different wars and invasions and independence this square in Moscow is sometimes referred to as like the central part of Moscow there’s just so much history here.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

The iconic and world-renowned st. Basil’s Cathedral is a church in Moscow and it is absolutely beautiful. it was built in 1561 and stands at 40 7.5 meters roughly 156 feet it’s amazing to be here. I’ve seen it in movies but to really be standing right in front of this Cathedral in Moscow is really an awesome experience and you will love this place.

You can enter in the church to know more about it and can learn about the history of the Cathedral you can see a lot of paintings and artifacts.


Moscow Kremlin is one of the most beautiful architectural structures in the world. Kremlin has four cathedrals it was really used as a fortress today it’s just where the presidents house is or where the president is but earlier it was used to be a fortress .

Moscow is good for surfing in front of the Kremlin in the rainy October weather it looks like a lot of fun but it is really really cold at this time.

Seven Sisters – Some of the tallest and beautiful buildings or Skyscraper in Europe



Tretyakov Gallery.  You love art work then you gonna love it too. Going to an art museum in Moscow. It has an impressive collection of Russian masterpieces, many of which are not known to people outside of Russia.

Cabeza es que- Subway

Moscow subway this is one of the favorite Subway Series most co absolutely gorgeous you can see their paintings all throughout it and then on other end they have like this giant this is definitely one of my favorites here and one of the most beautiful too if you come to Moscow and you want to see this subway. It’s called “cabeza es que” it’s to one of the train station it is everything you read about it’s gorgeous it’s beautiful and the way that it’s laid out is really convenient the Moscow Subway’s are some of the deepest in the world.


Things To Know Before Going To Moscow Or Interesting Facts About Moscow, Russia.

  • St. Petersburg’s Metro station with an avg. depth of 100 meters, is the deepest Metro Station in the world.
  • Moscow State University is the largest university building in the world.
  • Russia is considered to be in Europe in spite of the facr that, two-thirds of its territory is in Asia.
  • Altai Republic has over 800 glaciers, covering almost six hundred square kilometers.
  • 12 Seas touch the coasts of Russia.
  • The Ural Mountains are the oldest mountains in the world. They are about 4 billion years old.
  • The frame of the Statue of Liberty was smelted in Yekaterinburg.
  • Women got the right to vote in Russia in 1918, two years before this happened in USA.
  • Sushi is the most popular dish in Russia.
  • Forests cover 60% of Russian territory.
  • Number of bridges in St. Petersburg is 3 x times the number in Venice.
  • Believe it or not, Sushi is the most popular dish in Russia.
  • Well not so sure about it but russia has fifteen secret towns, which do not appear in any map 

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