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Top 10 VISA Free Countries For Indians 2019

Hello Friends, Welcome to Travel Greedy! Today we are talking about the top 10 countries Where Indians do not need a visa to travel. you can go visit or travel to these countries without any visa. Lets start with:-

  • Nepal is near to India That’s the reason Indians don’t need to spent much on travelling cost. It’s a plus point if you are planning a budget trip. You can stay here but you need to have an ID proof Such as Aadhar card, Voter Id card, etc. because of the good relations between India and Nepal It is possible Due to the Indo-Nepal Treaty for Peace and Friendship in the 1950s Peace is still in both countries. And these countries are the best friends of each other So Indians can go to Nepal safely and easily. Many Indians go to Nepal every year. As Compared to Nepali currency, the price of Indian rupees is also higher.
  • Mauritius is considered as one of the beautiful country in Asia. Millions of tourists visit Mauritius every year and here you can enjoy beautiful waterfalls, nature, blue water. If you love water sports then Mauritius is the perfect place for you. You going to enjoy the water adventure sports. Indians can go Mauritius only with a passport. Upon arrival in Mauritius airport, You Will be allowed for 60 days To live in this country on the basis of your Indian passport. It has only one condition that you should have a return ticket. You can also go to Mauritius on business trips for up to 60 days.
  • Indonesia – A Country in Southeast Asia most famous for Bali – an Indonesian island is one of the must visit destination on earth with beautiful beaches, temples, sea life and gardens. Bali has a fantastic climate all the year and gets ample sunlight throughout the day. It’s a Southeast Asian country, Bali is also an affordable place to go for almost everyone. This is the reason why number of tourist is increasing in Bali. The best time to visit Bali is in April, May, June and September. With a lot to see and do in Bali, people has many option to decide on what to explore and what to skip.
  • Bhutan is very close to India and it is connected to Sikkim on one side. Indians can roam freely in Bhutan without any VISA. Bhutan is famous for the eastern parts of the Himalayas As well as for Buddhist monasteries, fortresses and spectacular landscapes. One of the major tourist attraction site is Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest)- the monastery where Buddhism began in Bhutan and one of the holiest places of this religion in the world.
  •  Haiti May be smallest country in the world that very few people heard about it. Haiti is a Caribbean country Which is near the Dominican Republic. It is like an island, which has water and water. It’s very beautiful. You will be surprised to know that Even if it is not an Asian country Indians do not require a visa to travel Haiti. Yes, you heard it absolutely right. After reaching Haiti, all you need to do as an Indian citizen is to fill a small form with 10 $ fee. After that you can visit anywhere in Haiti. You will find it affordable because of the very small difference between the two countries’ currencies.
  • Jamaica If you like oysters, dolphins, dances, high mountains then this is perfect location for your next trip. Like Haiti, Jamaica is also a Caribbean country and there music is quite famous all over the world. The best part is that the Indian tourists don’t require a VISA here. At the airport you need to get your passports attached from the officers. After that your passport will work as a visa. you can easily stay in the campus but to get here, you have to pay a little attention Because like few the countries It is not that much safe.
  • Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago is an island Which is near the country of Venezuela This country is famous for organizing Carnival worldwide. You must go to this place. Indians in this country are allowed to travel without visa, for about 90 days. You must have a passport with validity over 6 months from the date of travel and return ticket then only you can enter to this country. So make sure you have all these when you are travelling to this country.
  • Ecuador is a small country in South America And popular for the Galapagos islands all over the world and even a part of Amazon’s forest comes into this country. It is world’s largest rainforest with 5.5 million km² area. Guess what ? Here you will find rare creatures and you can also visit the Amazon. It is a matter of happiness as an Indian citizen you are allowed in the Ecuador for 90 days. You just have to take your passport Keep in mind that your passport should be valid for more than 6 months.
  • Micronesia – Micronesia’s name would hardly be heard like Haiti But do you know that this country is settled in the Pacific Ocean And here are about 400 islands The view of this place is very beautiful And there is a different world in itself Visitors visit here and this is a very clean country. For people of India, this is allowed without visa, for about 30 days Just once you show your passport The sooner the end date is not enough. Here the regulator has made this rule that the passport should be validity of more than 6 months.
  • Serbia is a country in Europe Peninsula Where Indians do not need a visa. This country is full of Roman architecture It’s a historic place and here you will find very old monuments that will also be visible In Europe perhaps this is a country in which Indians Do not need a visa You can stay here for 30 days without the visa.So this is my list of Top 10 countries where Indians can go without visa
    Thank you very much !

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